About The film

WELL GROOMED, the short film, is a journey into the colorful world of competitive creative dog grooming - diving deep into the passion these specialized groomers bring to their work and the mentorship needed to take them to the highest levels.  

Following two creative dog groomers – Adriane Pope and Angela Kumpe - as they transform their poodles into fantastical creations for the year’s most intensive competition, Well Groomed explores the niche world and shows the love, compassion, dedication and heartbreak involved in creating art. 

WELL GROOMED, the short film, is available on VIMEO STAFF PICK PREMIERE and will be available on THE ATLANTIC on January 8th. 

The short has launched a feature documentary film which is currently in post-production! The feature film will pick up where the short film leaves off, and follow four groomers from across the country as they perfect their artwork and spend time with their poodles.

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